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Entreflores Albariño – Female Original’s Review

Posted by Erin McCall on 10th Jan 2023

We're delighted to welcome Faye Allen, writer behind Female Original, a Liverpool-based and award-nominated wine and spirits website, to review one of ClickNDrink's wines and write about her thoughts and experience here...

The Entreflores Albariño is striking from the very beginning, thanks to its beautiful, electric-blue bottle. A bottle of albariño has never looked so good, let me tell you! Stunning beauty aside for a moment, though - it’s all about what’s inside the bottle, isn’t it? Let’s explore it together.

Initial Thoughts

At first glance, the Entrelores Albariño is very almost entirely colourless. As for the flavour, however, it’s anything but without colour. This albariño greets you with scents of crisp and acidic green fruit, alongside a sharp kick of citrus (think lemon, pineapple and gooseberry). It then makes way for a beautiful buttery undertone.

Which Flavours Stand Out?

The tangy citrus scents were what came through most of all when it came to the flavours of the Entreflores Albariño. Although it was full of acidity and tang, at no point did it overwhelm the palate. In fact, overall it’s very well-balanced and, thanks to its medium body, was well-rounded in the mouth. As for the finish, the citrusy flavours were the last to linger on the tongue. For a white wine that balances tang with a soft touch, add this bottle to your shopping cart this week.

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About the Author

Faye Allen is the writer behind Female Original, a Liverpool-based and award-nominated wine and spirits website. Faye specialises in wine reviews and recommendations and holds a WSET Level 2 Award in Wines. Discover more about the world of wine through her Wine Wednesday series, and follow along with her journey of drinks discovery on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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